Vibrant NRGizers: Stefen and Jules

Stefen and I raced bikes together over a decade ago, but it was his switch to vegan that reconnected us a few years ago. After his wife, Jules, won her battle over stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2014, the couple heeded the “warning” and went vegan together overnight. A creative chef who served in upscale fine dining establishments in LA and San Francisco, it took a few years before Stefen was able to transition his work to be fully aligned with his core values.

Stefan and Jules set their sights on creating plant-based cheese that would be so delicious that it would more than satiate people who say the one thing they can’t give up is dairy cheese. Jule’s Foods was born and their product line of cheese, dips and dressing made from cashews is flourishing. In addition to shipping directly to consumers all over the US, Jule’s Foods is in more than 50 stores and is about to be sold in Erewhon markets. The cheese is so good that it’s nearly impossible to not eat the entire wheel in one sitting.

What began as a response to a health crisis, Stefen and Jules’ motivation to eat and craft plant-based food is also about kindness, compassion and sustainability. Clearly they are #vibrantNRGizers.

Buy Jule’s Foods from their website and follow their Instagram for more information.

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