Vibrant NRGizer: Super Mario

Meet Super Mario. We didn’t meet when we both lived in Miami in the late 1980s. We never met when he was one of more than 10,000 journalists in my database. But his kind responses to my pitches never went unnoticed. So we connected on social media.

Over the last five years, we got to know a bit about each other outside of music and that led to a genuine friendship, giving me the privilege of a front row seat to Mario’s transformation into a thriving and compassionate plant-based advocate. Did I mention strong? Let’s see: Mario was born in Cuba. Lives in Texas. With his husband. Eats only plants.

That takes all kinds of strength just to live your life let alone be as comfortable in your skin as Mario is. Mario used to respond to my vegan social media posts. Initially, he was reluctant to give up cheese and eggs. In time, he gave up both and he’s been vegan for over three years.

He says it’s easy and he’s never felt better. “The vegan (food) variety now is really sophisticated. You can recreate just about anything as vegan if you wanted to. I’m a basics guy – veggies, beans, fruits, quinoa, nuts, seeds, and veggie burgers that taste like veggies. But you now have the option of going plant-based while enjoying the taste of meat. It’s a win-win,” said this week’s #vibrantNRGizer.

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