Vibrant NRGizer: Sharni

She works the pole in her bathrobe and knee socks and dispenses animal activism with flashy dance moves in her pajamas to George Michael tunes, but relax fellas because she’s madly in love with Wilbur. Falling in love with a pig got Sharni thinking and as she made the connection and learned the pure evil that is factory farming, she became vegan for the animals.

Sharni transformed her body and mind over the last seven years. She used to view working out as torture, but now she sees fitness as self love. Sharni is a self-professed gym rat who makes fitness gains by lifting weights. In fact, weight training has become a passion for this 20-something who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

“The gains are dope, but it’s more than that. It’s pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It’s relying on no one but myself. It’s seeing the strength I possess. It’s seeing the progress I make and feeling empowered that I can do what I never thought I could do. Building a body I am proud of is part of building a life and being a person I am proud of,” said Sharni who shares plant-based recipes packed with plant protein on her Eat Dates Not Mates blog.

Sharni cut through the social media clutter, capturing my attention with her positive outlook, her open and honest content that displays courage and vulnerability, and her charming wit. Beautiful inside and out, Sharni is a #vibrantNRGizer.

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