Vibrant NRGizer: Naomi Hallum

Naomi Alicia Hallum is driving 35 hours back home this weekend from Tennessee to Santa Barbara. She made the drive last week in order to give out free plant-based meals and vegan starter kits as part of Million Dollar Vegan’s mission to distribute one million free meals by 2022. Naomi moved to the US from the United Kingdom to lead US operations for this global nonprofit organization with bases in 10 countries, feeding vegan meals to first responders and underserved people in 14 countries.

With coronavirus now the No. 1 killer in the US, Naomi and Million Dollar Vegan are urging people to Take Pandemics Off the Menu. Factory farming is killing humans as well as animals through the spread of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19, Ebola virus, bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, HIV and H1N1. We are proud to be working with this #vibrantNRGizer to help change and save lives.

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