Vibrant NRGizer – Michelle

She’s saved over 100 pigs along with hundreds of cows, chickens, goats, turkeys, alpacas, sheep, llamas, mini donkeys, horses, hens, roosters and rabbits. On Valentine’s Day in 2014, Michelle performed the most selfless act of love possible: she rescued her first cow and the cow’s newborn calf. Not long after, she created Buster’s Barn, an animal rescue located north of LA adjacent to the Angeles Forest.

Some people call themselves activists, but this powerful woman walks the talk, dedicating her life to saving animal lives and providing them with safe sanctuary. A mother of compassion with a delicate and beautiful heart, Michelle is also as strong and as tough as they come, a self-proclaimed “badass” who is a fierce trail runner that plays the drums, rides motorcycles off road and is training to become a massage therapist.

Don’t let the dragon tattoo stretched across her #veganstrong body scare you. She’s a sweet, kind and loving romantic, full of hope and joy despite her own struggles. We met via social media at the onset of quarantine and getting to know her has been one of the blessings of this challenging period. I have so much love and respect for this

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