Vibrant NRGizer – Kristina

This plant-based woman has serious balls…of yarn. Sure, on the outside she looks like your plain everyday klutz (her word, not ours), but put a pair of knitting needles in her hands and she turns into a prolific Tasmanian Devil who knits, making her the envy of blue-haired grandmothers and snot-nosed blankie toters alike.

Heck, she even makes knitwear sexy. Revered around the globe ever since she mastered hook rugging as a toddler, this self-proclaimed weirdo grew up to become the Banksy of knitting, forced to remain underground because she’s in witness protection (don’t ask), which is why we can’t reveal her name.

When asked if she plans to tackle needle point next, this crazy cat lady responded smugly, “When Picasso, Van Gogh or that guy who painted the Sistine Chapel finished one of their masterpieces, do you think anyone asked them what they were going to paint next?”

To maintain her super fit knitter physique, she’s a plant-powered gym rat and cyclist who rides without a helmet just like anyone would do if they had the kind of long luxurious curly locks that she has flowing in the wind. Myth has it that if she ever were to crash, those curls would instantly turn into a protective shell to keep our heroine safe.

When she’s not knitting, working out or square dancing, she manages a pet care company and has been vegan for 3 years after 27 years as a vegetarian. She says going vegan was “one of the best choices I’ve made” with her second best choice being her decision to bless the world with her warm wit, adorable charm and keen sense of humor. This #vibrantNRGizer reminds us that laughter is an important part of living a vibrant life.

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