Vibrant NRGizer: Dee

Ready for the big reveal after months of posts about her? Dee finally granted approval to let you see how she has transformed in the seven months since she asked for my help to lose weight.

When we began, Dee wanted to lose 39 pounds and get back to the size she was over 20 years ago before having two kids. At the time, she was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol, binge ate in the middle of the night, and seldom exercised. She ate heavy, including meat and diary. But she came to me with a very open and receptive attitude. In fact, it was her idea to go vegan and she did so overnight. 28 pounds and over 34 inches lost thus far, Dee is no longer pre-diabetic and her cholesterol level has plummeted.

Her doctor was amazed by how much eating plant based has dramatically improved her blood work. And now Dee gets in an hour of exercise most days. Because I never told Dee there’s anything she can’t eat, she said that she never felt like she was on a diet. She found going plant based to be easy. Dee (and her daughters!) enjoys her healthier food choices while feeling satiated without feeling deprived of anything. More importantly, she has consistently maintained her weight loss after years of yo-yo dieting. Dee again looks like the woman I used to work with 30 years ago when we first met.

I’m grateful that she trusted me to guide her return to health. I’m still holding Dee accountable to help her reach her goal. Her great attitude, commitment and willingness make her a dream client. While we still have work to do, I’m super proud of this #vibrantNRGizer.

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