Vibrant NRGizer – Anvita Sharma

The room was filled with Olympians and professional athletes from across the entire sports spectrum. And then there was us. That was 2 years ago at Switch4Good’s Dairy-Free Athlete Summit. As a disciple of an Indian spiritual path, I was instantly drawn to Anvita. As I got to know her, I learned just how amazing she is.

Up before the sun, Anvita meditates, weight trains and practices dance before spending a full day serving mentally ill patients as a nurse. After, she teaches dance classes and private lessons in addition to studying with her own guru. Anvita is a Kathak dancer, one of the eight major forms of classical Indian dance. It’s a storytelling art form and this vegan artist is a humble master.

When time avails in her disciplined and regimented schedule, Anvita helps guide and advise people in their transition to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. I took this photo while attending one of Anvita’s mesmerizing performances last year. This #vibrantNRGizer is even more exquisite and radiant in person.

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