Veteran vibrantNRGizer: Bill Muir aka SGT Vegan

Some people say that it’s too hard to eat plant based where they live, that it’s so much easier for me since I live in California. Meet Bill Muir aka SGT Vegan. He has been vegan since 1992 and found a way to maintain his plant-based diet while serving as a combat medic in Afghanistan.

What’s your excuse now? SGT Vegan and I met while speaking on the vegan athletes panel at LA VegFest last year. It turns out that we are both from Philly (Fly Eagles Fly!).

In addition to serving as a registered nurse at West Los Angeles Medical Center, SGT Vegan speaks all over the US (pre-COVID) to educate and inspire people to be Vegan Strong, which happens to be the title of his first book.

On Veterans Day and always, thanks for your service and inspiration, SGT Vegan. You are a heroic #vibrantNRGizer.

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