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Thanksgiving is next week, but for the animals of Indraloka, it’s always ThanksLIVING, thanks to the compassionate force that is Indra Lahiri. I had the pleasure of speaking to Indra about the nonprofit animal sanctuary that she runs on a 100-acre farm near Scranton, PA months prior to our meeting at the Switch4Good Dairy-Free Athlete Summit over two years ago.

Indraloka, a Sanskrit word that means “Heaven for the Gods,” provides heaven on earth for animals while informing, inspiring and empowering humans, especially children, to learn to eat and live a life of kindness and caring for themselves, for animals and for our environment.

It’s hard to find pictures of Indra because her focus is on the animals, but the pint-sized powerhouse is a global leader who has devoted her life to changing and saving lives, which makes her a #vibrantNRGizer.

During this season of giving, consider giving to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.


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