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She’s a winner just by showing up at the start line. Alisa has been through the wars, battling and overcoming anorexia. It was during her recovery that she discovered her passion for cycling. The bike helped Alisa escape harmful thoughts and self loathing, finding focus, motivation and clear goals.

“It took me so long to find something that could give me joy and escape from my negative thoughts. I was overwhelmed by challenging myself to make even the smallest change. I tried again and again. I kept failing and was ashamed of what I was going through,” she admitted.

“Healing takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. But remember, the countless hours of therapy, medications and hospital admissions will not be of any help unless you are the one who truly wants to recover.”

This courageous Italian who lives in Vincenza near Venice now aims to inspire and motivate others. Alisa is writing a book to share her story along with plant-based recipes and tips. Vegan for 4 years, she wants to study nutrition and get into mental coaching to help people overcome their challenges just like she overcame her own.

After spending the last two months training and racing in Belgium, perhaps this #vibrantNRGizer might even become a pro cyclist one day.

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