Bodyweight Exercises

Let’s get into some body weight exercises that can be done around the house. 

1) decline push-ups 

2) tricep dips 

3) vertical knee-ups  

4) hockey stick push-ups balanced on a roller 

5) balanced plank bringing knees to chest 

These exercises hit chest, triceps and abs & core. Threw in the hockey stick pushups and core work for my players out there. 

Balance the stick (or broom handle) on top of a roller. Finish by holding the plank position. Go through this circuit 3-5 times. 

The only recovery time between sets and circuits should be however long it takes to move the chairs and props into position. Let’s go! 

(update) Dana Walton of Walton Endurance saw this video and was inspired to try it. Way to go, Dana!

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