VibrantNRG x BioSteel x LA Lakers

When I became a BioSteel athlete a few months ago, I was told that the Los Angeles Lakers were about to join me as a member of #TeamBioSteel, but that I had to keep that secret. The deal was announced on Tuesday.

While one of the most storied sports franchises is getting big bucks to endorse what I believe is the best sports drink on the market, my endorsement is unpaid. I’ve been drinking nothing but BioSteel on the ice and bike and in the gym for a few years. I use it for several reasons. Compared to other leading sports drinks:

1. BioSteel contains the most electrolytes
2. Contains ZERO sugar
3. It’s vegan (my first priority)
4. It contains BCAAs
5. Natural flavor and color
6. It’s made from renewable sources, has a plant-based cap, and has a low carbon footprint.

When I became a BioSteel athlete, I started using their plant-based protein powder in my smoothies and I love it.

Now LeBron, Luka, Mahomes, McDavid and I all use the same sports drink. If you want to drink what we drink, get it from the BioSteel site and use discount code VibrantNRG to get 30% off.

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