Veganuary: Just One Month

It’s not the kind of hat trick anyone wants on their stats sheet. Last year, I lost loved ones to heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Each death might have been prevented if they had not regularly eaten animals and dairy products. That’s why I’m asking you to try eating plant based for one month.

Over 500,000 people have committed to eat vegan for Veganuary. When I first tried to go vegan in 1992 after two years as a vegetarian, I didn’t eat avocado or beans and I didn’t even know what quinoa was. At that time, there weren’t any of the yummy plant-based meats and burgers or chicken and turkey substitutes that are widely available today. It was a struggle and, if I’m being honest, most of my food didn’t taste very good. But now, it’s super easy to eat delicious plant-based foods without having to sacrifice taste. You can find a vegan version of virtually any food that you love and “cannot live without.”

Forget that you’ll save the lives of at least 30 animals if you eat vegan for Veganuary and forget about how much water, land use, and greenhouse gas emissions that you’ll save during the month. It’s okay to be selfish. In one month of eating plant based, you are likely to lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, better regulate your blood sugar, digest your food easier, improve the condition of your skin and hair, sleep better, balance your moods, and experience increased energy.

One month. That’s all I ask. Give it a try. Not only might you be surprised by how great you feel and look, but you may find it easy. I’d love to keep you off my stats sheet this year.

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