Valentine’s Day Cacao Superfood

Did your sweetie give you vegan chocolate sweets for Valentine’s Day? There are many benefits to eating raw organic vegan chocolate and cacao that make it okay to indulge your sweet cravings in moderation.

Choose dark chocolate for its nutritional benefits, but cacao is superior and considered a superfood. Dark chocolate and cacao are packed with potassium, calcium, vitamins C & E, iron, magnesium and copper. In fact, the magnesium, copper and vitamin E are helpful in preventing heart disease.

Ever notice that your mood improves after eating pure chocolate or cacao? That’s because they help increase and balance serotonin levels. Cacao and dark chocolate contain small doses of caffeine that boosts your energy without the jitters or headaches. They possess many of the same antioxidant compounds found in fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts, and antioxidants provide anti-aging benefits.

With all these perks, you can enjoy dark chocolate and cacao any day, not just Valentine’s Day.

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