Truth Behind the “Plandemic”

We believe 100% in the Plandemic – just not the one you’re thinking.

The Standard American Diet (or Western Diet) kills us and/or makes us sick. Heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes are among the most common diseases caused by eating animals and animal products like dairy and eggs. In fact, of the top 10 causes of death, the majority are diet related. Yet that doesn’t stop the government from subsidizing the meat and dairy industries along with continuing to urge their consumption in the recommended daily allowances even though they know these foods make us sick and kill us.

If you look at who funds the research conducted by government-backed/empowered organizations (US Department of Agriculture, World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, Food and Nutrition Board, Public Nutrition Information Committee, Center for Nutrition Policy, Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, etc.), you’ll find that the money comes from the dairy and meat industries along with Big Pharma. Government committees and their executives receive big dollars from the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, which significantly impacts the information, guidelines and recommendations made.

We entrust the government and medical industry to protect us and keep us healthy, yet they recommend the consumption of meat and dairy knowing that the science shows their harm, leaving us dependent upon the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Further, most people don’t know how little study on nutrition is required by doctors, the people many of us trust implicitly and rely on completely for health guidance. Medical schools provide and require very few hours of nutritional study and ZERO continuing nutritional education is required of doctors throughout their careers.

While a wealth of corroborating evidence has been and continues to be published regularly, the final 100 pages or so of T. Colin Campbell’s “The China Study” confronts in great detail many of these issues, revealing conflicts of interest and the blatant corruption that impacts our health. No doubt about it: it’s a Plandemic.

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