Hearty Salad To Build Lean Muscles

There’s a popular meme floating around social media with an image of two very different salads: a sad-looking, sparse salad comprised of three veggies made by someone who consumes animals and dairy products opposite a massive salad made by a vegan.

This hearty salad was definitely prepared by a vegan! Quinoa, avocado, sweet potato, garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds atop a bed of kale and crisp romaine lettuce. I used to eat half a pound of pasta for dinner during my decades as an endurance athlete. Sometimes it’s still hard for me to believe that I feel full, satiated and energized for my next workout just by eating a big salad for dinner each night, but when you pack it full of protein and dense calories, I can understand why.

Yet I feel that I’m eating lighter and I don’t miss that heavy post-dinner feeling. At the same time, I’m not only recovering from my workouts, but I’m building lean muscle. So, whether or not you’re plant based, start making your salads like a vegan by including plenty of plant protein, seeds, nuts, beans and an array of fresh veggies.

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