Eggs Up Cancer Risk

“What is your take on eggs? I have 8 chickens and have amazing fresh eggs. Are eggs really bad for you?”

Received this text from a hockey player who I’ve guided to adopting a plant-based diet eight days ago. Since he has his own chickens and therefore the horrors of the egg industry do not apply in his case, we can focus strictly on health reasons not to eat eggs.

One egg contains more cholesterol than a Big Mac. Eggs are loaded with cholesterol and fat, and eating eggs is a major cause of heart disease, diabetes, and prostate and colorectal cancers.

For each half egg eaten, you’re increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease by 6% and death by 8%. Do the math on your three-egg omelet and tell me if it’s worth it.

Eat one or more eggs per day and you’ll increase your risk of diabetes by 60%.

The cancers you risk by eating eggs are colon, rectal, prostate, breast, bladder and ovarian. Even just 1.5 eggs per week will increase your risk of colon cancer five fold.

Anticipating questions about eating only egg whites, they’re not necessary in order to get enough protein in your diet. We not only get more than enough protein without them, high-protein diets that include animal protein increase the risk of kidney stones and kidney disease, some types of cancer, and an overall higher rate of mortality. Stick to plant proteins, which contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, all of which promote long-term health.

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