Diet, Not Genes

Your genes DO NOT have to be a death sentence. Both of my parents had cancer and there’s a long line of heart disease on my paternal side. It was a relief to learn that my family genes DO NOT mean that I’m more likely to get cancer or have a heart attack.

Everyone has cancer cells. Your food and the chemicals that you ingest and/or are exposed to can activate or “turn on” those cells. Cancer cells are turned on by the inflammation caused by eating animals and dairy products.

Eating animals and dairy products means eating cholesterol that may lead to heart disease. There is ZERO cholesterol in plants (fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, & whole grains). In fact, dietary fiber, which is only found in plants, breaks up cholesterol and helps push it through and out of the body.

The primary reason why family members start and/or perpetuate a chain of disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, etc.) is NOT genetics. It’s environment. Family members typically eat the same meals, hence are exposed to the same harmful foods that lead to and/or create disease.

We all hold the key to unlocking the handcuffs of our genes. That key is your diet.

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