Dee’s Plant-Based Transformation

Exactly one year ago, Dee asked me to help her lose weight and get back into shape. She surprised me by being first to suggest that she go vegan as part of her “diet.”

After four months, Dee had lost 28 pounds and over 34 inches. Her doctors were blown away when her bloodwork revealed a precipitous drop in cholesterol and she was no longer pre-diabetic.

Last night, Dee sent me these photos. The weight has stayed off, which is quite an accomplishment for this former yo-yo dieter.

“Still on the plan! I feel great!”

Dee’s transformation to a plant-based diet has not only been exciting to behold, but she is much healthier, happier and more confident.

Yes, I am still primarily a PR/marketing/writing professional, but a big part of our mission with Vibrant Energy is to empower positive change while educating and inspiring people to live vibrant lives.

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