Cut Cancer Out of Your Diet

It’s National Cancer Survivors Day and the odds are that you have someone close to you who has survived cancer. Perhaps it’s a family member. Both of my parents have survived cancer, and in my mother’s case, twice.

We all have cancer genes that lay dormant until exposed to “activators,” which turn on the cancer cells. Activators can be chemical such as exposure to toxic substances, air or water, or nutritional. If you eat animals and/or dairy products, you greatly increase the risk of activating cancer cells within your body, while eating plants does the opposite. If you do get cancer, eating plants instead of eating animals and/or dairy can aid the body’s defense against cancer.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US and many of the cancers Americans get come from the Standard American Diet (SAD). Some refer to these cancers as “disease of affluence” because societies that can’t afford to eat animals and dairy and are forced to primarily eat plants have dramatically less cancers than us. The research that T. Colin Campbell presents in “The China Study” shows that high protein diets (15-20% of calories as in the SAD) spurs cancer growth while diets that include calories from protein consisting only of 5% have the lowest cancer rates.

A cancer diagnosis used to always be viewed as a death sentence, but medical science and knowledge about the role nutrition plays have come a long way in creating survivorship. It’s amazing how much what a person eats can impact getting cancer and/or becoming a cancer survivor.

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