Big Pharma’s Vicious Cycle

Pills and procedures. Our “healthcare” system is based on prescribing drugs and performing surgeries. Instead of funding and promoting healthier nutrition to empower us to live healthier lives without pills and procedures, the government is funding the harmful food sources consumed by the majority of the population in the Standard American Diet.

According to a 2018 study, 73% of the dairy industry’s income came from government programs even though consuming dairy is linked to causing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity among other ailments. Most of the $40 billion dollars in government subsidies given to Big Agriculture last year went to factory farming, whose products kill and make us sick via heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity among other illnesses.

When we turn to medical science for help, we find that the majority of the research is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to funding medical conferences, Big Pharma also funds universities and colleges. The majority of the medical industry and academia are not going to publish scientific studies critical of those who make them rich. Without systemic change, we’re stuck with pills and procedures. It’s a plandemic.

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