Alke-Bulan Naturals

I could see her glowing in the parking lot as I stood in line at the post office. When she entered, she complimented me on my #dairyfreeathlete hat. Conversation ensued and I learned that the Radiant One’s name is Erika and that she just launched a new health & wellness product line. Light attracts light.

Alke-Bulan Naturals creates organic supplements derived from sustainable sources that nourish your skin from within. Erika kindly sent me home with a jar of sea moss, which I added to my smoothie. Sea moss boosts the immune system, maintains digestive health and reduces inflammation. It is believed to promote sexual health and nourish hair, skin and nails. Other supplements in the Alke-Bulan product line include a Bio-Restore Superfood (a unique blend of a dozen superfoods) and maca root, a nutritious energy and mood booster known to enhance athletic performance (which is why I add maca to my smoothie daily).

Naturally, I asked Erika the meaning of Alke-Bulan. It’s a profound indigenous word meaning “Mother of Mankind.” It’s about returning to our roots. Erika added a hyphen to denote the connection to alkalinity and the concept of enjoying a healthy diet to maintain the body’s ideal pH level.

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