“Where Do You Get Your Protein?”

It wasn’t typical post-game locker room talk. Let me paint the scene from Saturday night. The room was filled primarily with elite juniors and college hockey players aged 19-22 along with a few 20-somethings, one 30 year-old and me. One of the juniors got the conversation started by asking me the typical question asked of vegans: “Where do you get your protein?”

After answering and providing the facts about how much protein we really need versus how much protein people think they need, another player asked, “Don’t you miss the taste of meat?”

“Do I miss the taste of eating animal flesh, which I haven’t eaten in 30 years?”

The conversation continued and I got the opportunity to impart nutritional information after having shown the boys how a plant-based diet empowers this 55 year-old vegan to be the fittest player on the ice. No, it wasn’t typical post-game locker room talk and I’m glad that two of our Vibrant Energy staffers were there to be part of it.

One texted me later, writing, “That was my first time participating in a ‘benefits of plant based’ conversation in a locker room and I’m hopeful that more and more people can really understand why we do we what we do and make the switch. You are awesome for educating so many fellow hockey players!”

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