Weight Loss

27 pounds and 33.5 inches lost. In the 23 weeks since I began working with a friend to help her get back to a size 2, she has made tremendous progress. She attributes most of her weight loss to adopting a plant-based diet. Although she is exercising regularly (walking, indoor cycling and weight training), it’s the smarter and healthier food choices that are changing her life.

Blood tests confirm that she is no longer pre-diabetic and her cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically, significantly reducing her risk of heart disease. Instead of hiding her body in photos, she’s now wearing skinny jeans in her social media posts. She’s still not ready to reveal her identity until she reaches her goal weight, which means dropping 12 more pounds.

Although we set an original deadline of January 1, she’s committed to her healthier plant-based lifestyle for good. We’re often asked what our new business Vibrant Energy is. This post says it all: educating and inspiring change that leads to vibrant and energetic living. – Rick

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