UCLA Hockey Needs Help!

You would think that a major university like UCLA would fully fund an ice hockey team, but you’d be wrong. The players are responsible for coming up with the majority of the funding to run the program that dates back to 1926. Presently, the team doesn’t have the budget to get white road uniforms and can only afford to practice once a week.

One of the reasons that I got involved with UCLA Hockey is to help the players go to the next level – as athletes from a strength, conditioning and nutrition standpoint – and to help the team become a D-1 program. That’s why our company, Vibrant Energy, got involved: to aid with the PR, marketing and sponsorship work that’s needed to take the program to the next level.

As you can see in this video, there’s a lot of mismatched gear that we aim to make uniform with your help. UCLA Hockey recently launched a SparkIt campaign to help purchase road unis and add a second practice day per week starting in the Fall. If you can help support college hockey, please click this link.

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