The Key to Staying Disciplined

“I could never live like you. I wouldn’t want your lifestyle.”

Said to me by a 19-year-old elite junior hockey player who I’ve skated with for six years, his comment was in reference to the hours and intensity that I put into training and work each day.

No, it’s not for everyone. It’s nights, weekends and holidays. It’s early mornings, late nights – 24/7. It’s sacrifice and commitment. It’s willpower and determination. It’s mind over body. It’s strength and focus. It’s attention to detail. It’s staying motivated and never losing sight of the goals.

It’s preparing the body (stretching, rolling, Theragunning) for daily on-ice and gym workouts. It’s post-workout recovery consisting of more stretching, rolling, Theragunning, icing and Epsom salts baths. It’s disciplined plant-based nutrition and proper hydration. It’s devoting time to meditate and introspect. It’s prioritizing rest and adequate sleep.

Then there’s all the time, energy and creativity that I pour into running two businesses spanning music, sports, health & wellness, entertainment and causes. It’s a lot of heavy lifting and it’s all passion.

While some may look and say “I could never…” or “I wouldn’t want…”, I think about how grateful I am to do what I love each day. I feel super thankful for being able to live and work my passions daily.

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