Supplement Your Workouts with BioSteel

My days begin on the ice and end in the gym. In between, I’m leading two companies. Staying hydrated and recovering from one workout to be at my best for the second workout is vital. Even more important is keeping my immune system strong so that I can do all this work while staying healthy and with the high energy that I’m known for.

Three years ago, an ESPN story introduced me to what I’ve found to be the best sports drink available. Although I was initially drawn to trying BioSteel after reading that half the NHL drinks it, it was learning its many benefits that earned my enthusiastic recommendations ever since.

Many of the sports drinks you see advertised on TV and billboards are loaded with sugar. BioSteel has none. Zero caffeine, too.

Several years ago, a fitness pro taught me to consume amino acids during my workouts, which I usually took post-workout. By consuming amino acids while training, you increase muscle endurance, reduce the muscle damage incurred during the workout, and begin the muscle repair so you recover faster for your next workout. BioSteel contains an amino acid blend to meet those needs.

BioSteel contains essential electrolytes, a vitamin B blend to help keep energy levels up, and added vitamins and minerals to maintain the immune system.

While the question I get asked most as a vegan athlete is where I get my protein from, the second most frequent question I’m asked is what do I drink while training. BioSteel.

I’m not being paid to write or post this, and you won’t see me posted all over their website like Mahomes, McDavid, Luka, Zeke and some of the other sports superstars who believe in BioSteel like I do, but I’m proud to have been made a BioSteel athlete ambassador. What that means for you is that you can get a 30% discount with the code VibrantNRG when purchasing BioSteel products through their website. Try it and let me know how it works for you.


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