Relieve Muscle Tension with the Theragun

Finally got a gun and it’s changed my life! Been wanting one for so long and two weeks ago, I finally bit the bullet. My recovery has changed dramatically ever since I got my Theragun PRO. It is absolutely amazing!

For years, I’ve used to use a super hard roller on my legs twice a day (before workouts and in the evening) to loosen up before workouts and bolster recovery after, but the roller does nothing for my back, arms, shoulders and chest. The Theragun allows me to alleviate sore muscles and tightness, dig into trouble spots (like my elbow tendinitis), and speed my post-workout recovery. I also use it quickly to help warmup pre-workout.

While I continue to do one daily session with my hard roller, Theragun is next level and far superior. It’s super easy to use. Wish I had gotten one much sooner!

(This is NOT a sponsored post.)

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