My Sports Journey with Dotsie Bausch

As someone who lives and works my passions, it was only a matter of time before I’d cross from music & entertainment into sports.

It was my first time on the UCLA campus and I walked into the sports public relations class in 1996 with a clean sheet of paper. I exited the class with a clean sheet of paper. Lesson: if you know how to do PR, then you can apply those skills to any subject.

I signed my first sports client in 2003 when pro cyclist Dotsie Bausch gave me the opportunity to tell her inspiring story about overcoming severe eating disorders. A few years later, I began working with the biggest pro cycling race in the US, but not as a PR person: as a blogger, play-by-play and online host.

While serving as The Amgen Tour of California Insider, they made me the face of the race in 2014 and plastered my image on highway billboards, in newspapers and national magazines, on posters and brochures, and even on fridge magnets.

Other clients followed and I’ve been blessed to work with pro, world and national champions, and Olympians in a wide variety of sports along with premier health, fitness & nutrition products and brands.

Nearly a handful of years ago, Dotsie gave me another opportunity: to help the Olympic silver medal winner launch her first nonprofit organization for a compassionate cause: advocating for animals.

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