Making the Change

“Legs felt great. Quickness is the best it’s ever been. Conditioning is arguably the best in my career. Feel like a solid pro.”

“Felt amazing because I feel like I’m not getting winded despite large increase in output.”

“Endurance and leg strength are significantly improving.”

“Felt incredible: light & lean. Conditioning and endurance dramatically improved.”

It’s a big jump to become a pro athlete after playing in college and requires a major commitment to get to that level – and stay at that level. The smart ones explore and consider any edge that they can get over the competition. The last two months, I’ve been advising a hockey player preparing for his first pro season. Through hours of discussion and consultation, he decided to adopt a plant-based diet to help him be lighter and leaner, and increase his ability to recover faster from games and workouts, allowing him to train harder, longer and more often, therefore becoming stronger, fitter and faster. He went all in on this major lifestyle change even though he called it a “49-Day Vegan Challenge.”

Since day one, he’s been open and receptive to making the nutritional changes required to make him a better athlete as well as a healthier individual in life outside of hockey. He’s adapted to his new diet, stuck with it and trained hard. The quotes from his training diary in this post confirm that he’s experiencing the numerous benefits of becoming a plant-powered athlete. I’m super proud of him and honored that he trusted me to guide his successful transition.

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