How to Overcome Training Setbacks

“Replace it and forget it.”

That’s what my orthopedic surgeon said ten years ago before he replaced my hip on Valentine’s Day. I followed his advice. I have not allowed it to slow me down or stop me from doing what I love.

In the last 24 hours, I played nearly four hours of ice hockey, including a game against UCLA Hockey, and rode the bike indoors to warmup pre-game for 30 minutes. Now I’m about to do a leg workout.

I hardly ever mention breaking my hip in a bike race on Valentine’s Day and replacing it a year later, also on Valentine’s Day. Those who follow my posts see how active I am as an athlete, but it’s been suggested that I should remind people from time to time about what I’ve overcome. I’ve simply followed doctor’s orders and never let up on my commitment to training hard and competing at a high level. Compromise in the pursuit of greatness is not a thing unless you allow it to be. Excuses will never get it done. And I’ve got no excuses.

“Replace it and forget it.”

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