Go Plant Based, Train Harder!

“It’s the best thing I can ever do to help you become a better athlete.”

That powerful realization hit me after a recent 90-minute counseling session with an elite athlete who I’m advising on their transition to becoming a plant-based athlete.

I skate with a lot of young elite athletes, committed to becoming the best they can be as hockey players, some with the goal of going pro. With everything else being relatively equal – strength, speed, skill, power, agility and endurance – what separates one athlete at this level from another is how they recover from training and competition. A plant-based diet minimizes inflammation, reducing muscle soreness and helping the body recover faster, therefore allowing you to train harder and more often than your competition, which ultimately makes you the better athlete.

It’s not about the drills we do together on the ice, or the training we do together off the ice; it’s educating, inspiring and empowering these elite athletes to eat plant based that will do the most to help them become better hockey players. And not just better athletes throughout their athletic careers, but healthier human beings for the rest of their lives.

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