Applying the Growth Mindset

I’d take an entire team of players like Robert Cross any day. This UCLA Hockey sophomore from Minnesota operates with the mindset of “There’s no such thing as too much ice time.” A heart and soul player with a tireless work ethic, Robert comes to the rink ready to put in the work to improve.

A consummate teammate, in addition to offering his teammates rides to the rink, when one of the team’s captains was jumped by an opposing player, Robert was the first to step up to defend one of the team’s best players.

Robert and I skate together four times a week and I’m super proud of him. When Vibrant Energy client MatchaWear asked me to select a few athletes who are pursuing greatness to model their motivational shirts, Robert immediately came to mind.

(“Greatness is available when pursued” shirt by MatchaWear)

UCLA Ice Hockey

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