Vegan Athlete: Santa Claus?

You know that Santa Claus is a serious athlete with great speed and endurance to be able to deliver gifts all over the world in one night. So please leave him a glass of your favorite dairy-free milk before you go to bed tonight.

Like 65% of humans, Santa is dairy intolerant and allergic. Dairy messes up Santa’s stomach bad and drinking it would increase his risk of bone fractures. Dairy also adversely impacts his ability to breathe because it produces mucus and negatively affects lung function.

The saturated fat in dairy slows the blood flow to Santa’s muscles, weakening his performance. Dairy creates inflammation and is low in the antioxidants Santa needs to recover from tonight’s duties.

So take your pick – pea milk, soy milk, oat milk, rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, banana milk – Santa loves them all!

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