The Vaccine’s Hidden Price

They gave their lives for us, unsung heroes that most people don’t know about. Hundreds of monkeys and mice, none of whom volunteered to suffer through sickening and painful lab tests before being killed, were sacrificed to create the COVID-19 vaccine.

I’ve never felt compelled to get the annual flu shot. After I went vegan and learned that flu shots contain bovine elements, it only confirmed my decision to abstain. Since COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease (a disease that originates in animals and is transferred to humans), I assumed the vaccine would contain animal components. It does not and the vaccine is in fact vegan. What it is not is cruelty free.

Whether or not you choose to get the vaccine (I got it), let’s not forget the animals and the lives humans took in order to create the vaccine. Their lives were taken so that you could live.

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