The New Normal

“I’m recalibrating my life.”

I’ve been ruminating on these words ever since a friend said them to me recently. So much has changed over the last 13+ months in how we live, work, socialize and play. Now that things are reopening and we are making progress towards the “new normal,” I find that I am recalibrating every aspect of my life.

Priorities have shifted. My work continues to shift. Training and workouts shift week to week. My temple finally started conducting live weekly services online, shifting my spiritual life.

I was already pretty much a homebody prior to COVID aside from attending hockey games, my clients’ concerts and events, and church, and now that most of those happenings are either happening or on the horizon of happening again, I’m not sure how many of those things that I will be rushing back to.

I’ve only seen family once since the pandemic and the only friends I socialize with in person are those with whom I skate. I have no desire to travel anytime soon. Travel since 9/11 has been a hassle and I imagine that new coronavirus protocols aren’t going to make it any more pleasant or alluring.

I have yet to return to dining at a restaurant (outdoors or indoors) and I’m fine streaming new movies at home. I typically support my home teams (Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, Eagles, Flyers, Rams and Chargers) from home so maybe I don’t need to return to Staples Center for Kings games. I anticipate having clients’ concerts to attend later in the year so there’s time to figure out how likely I am to return and how often.

This week, I received an interview request about life after the pandemic. I don’t see it as over and I anticipate the ramifications to be long lasting, many permanent. We’ve only just begun to recalibrate our lives to the “new normal.”

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