Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday. Keep your eye on the ball. Formerly known as the “pigskin” because footballs were made of actual pig skin, now they’re made from cowhide. Last year, Sports Illustrated ran a story about how footballs are made. It’s so brutal and cruel that the feature ran with a warning that readers may find the graphic photos and descriptions “disturbing.”

There are some who are lobbying that the day after the Super Bowl be declared a national holiday so that people can have the day off to recover from overindulging in food and alcohol. We’ve got a better idea that is much less self-indulgent: Let’s have a moment of silence prior to kickoff to honor the cows that were slaughtered and skinned to make the footballs used during the big game.

It’s the 100th anniversary of the NFL. Don’t you think they could (and can) have come up with a football made of synthetic material so that no animals have to be killed and skinned for sport and entertainment?

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