“Seaspiracy” and Fishing’s Collateral Damage

Encouraging to see the buzz everywhere about “Seaspiracy.” I often hear from the people I advise on nutrition that they’re okay with not eating meat, but they’re still eating fish. Perhaps after watching this enlightening Netflix documentary that will change.

Industrial fishing kills millions of marine life animals not targeted for food such as dolphins, whales, sharks, seals and turtles.

Plastic discarded and dumped into the ocean is filling the bellies of fish.

Fishing nets make up almost half of the great Pacific garbage patch while enough fishing line is dropped daily to go around the Earth 500 times.

Nearly 4 billion acres of the sea floor is lost every year due to trawling compared to 25 million acres that are deforested annually on land.

47 countries reportedly have slavery in the fishing industry.

To make matters worse, this death and destruction in the fishing industry is government funded to the tune of $35 billion per annum.

So many more devastating facts are brought to light in this powerful 90-minute documentary. Watch “Seaspiracy” and when you’re done, watch “Cowspiracy” (also on Netflix) to educate yourself about what we are doing to land animals, our land and water resources via factory farming.

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