Safety First

There’s nothing like the playoffs, but this year I’ve got mixed feelings about what I’m seeing at NHL and NBA playoff games.

Love the excitement and intensity ratcheted up by 15,000+ passionate fans packed shoulder to shoulder for 3+ hours cheering (screaming) mostly unmasked (although not in this photo). Not to be a pragmatic party pooper, but are we really there yet?

I know we’ve been cleared for gathering en masse outdoors with masks, but indoors? Or will there be a spike in COVID cases in playoff cities? There is a noticeable difference depending upon in which state the games are being played with the expected states permitting larger crowds. Then again, Barclays Center in Brooklyn had over 14,000 fans for game one of the Nets vs. Celtics series on Saturday night.

As I wrote, I’ve got mixed feelings about this. I love the energy as well as seeing arenas packed again after all we’ve been through, but is it really safe yet?

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