Plant Based Journey: Reflections

It amazes me that people suddenly think they are experts in nutrition when they come in contact with a vegan, offering their “advice” despite the facts that 1 in 3 Americans is overweight, and 7 of the top 10 causes of death are nutrition related. There’s also a significant percentage of Americans who are on medication because of nutrition-related health conditions, the result of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). What education have they received in nutrition? What research have they done? What books have they read?

30 years into my plant-based journey, I’ve always read a lot of nutrition articles in order to improve my health and athletic performance. When I began writing columns about plant-based nutrition two years ago, for which I interview doctors and dietitians, my appetite for education grew and grew as I continued to make changes to refine and improve my food choices. This fall, I began reading “The China Study,” the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted, written by the renowned T. Colin Campbell.

This week, I received my certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University after studying under Dr. Campbell and his son and co-author, Dr. Thomas Campbell. The class taught me several new things that I’m implementing in my diet. When this year began, I had the goal of taking the class, but didn’t know how I’d find time for the work. But I made the time to do it. And I’m proud to have achieved this goal before the end of the year. It’s always about learning, growing and improving while powered by the healthiest and most nutritious food. – Rick

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