Peace, Love, Hope & Joy

People who know me outside of social media know my hallmark “Peace, love & joy” signature in letters, notes and emails, which I’d been using for nearly 20 years. Something changed 4 years ago and I changed the signature to read “Peace, love, hope & joy.” What changed was I had lost hope. By writing it dozens of times each day, I made my signature into a positive affirmation in an effort to restore hope.

It’s been a very difficult, frustrating and challenging 4 years to say the least and many of us had lost hope. Until Saturday. When the election was finally called, hope seemed to return virtually in an instant. Goodness, honor, respect and decency had finally won out and it stirred up a wealth of emotions. It began by seeing images of Americans throughout our country erupting in glee, spontaneously gathering as a united community to joyously celebrate the restoration of hope during one of the worst years ever in US history. It was exhilarating and rejuvenating to watch, especially after 4 years of only seeing Americans gathered in divisive protests.

Later, I was brought to tears watching Vice President-elect Kamala Harris address America for the first time since becoming the first woman, the first Black woman, the first South Asian American and the first person who attended an historically Black college to become our VP. Tears flowed when President-elect Joe Biden spoke to America, calling for unity and exhibiting the dignity of the office that had been completely abandoned over the last 4 years.

I didn’t realize how impactful witnessing these historic moments would be, but it reflects just how much hope and faith I had lost over the last 4 years. The tears were cleansing, cathartic and healing. As we begin a new era in our nation, I was filled with national pride, something that I have not felt during the last 4 years. Saturday in America, everything was set aside to simply relish the moment for one euphoric day. Damn, it felt good to feel good again.

It felt good after the hellacious atrocity of the last 4 years and the never-ending disaster that is 2020 to have a day of peace, love, hope & joy.

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