One Year Later

We’re taught that in order to achieve something, sacrifices are necessary. But when it comes to human/civil/social rights, sacrificing lives is never acceptable.

Tuesday marks one year since George Floyd died at the hands of police. The whole world witnessed his life being unnecessarily snuffed out, opening conversations anew about police reform and systemic racism.

Since that fateful day in Minneapolis, more Black Americans (mostly male) were unjustifiably killed, shot and/or beaten by police. Millions more have been victims of hate and discrimination in their workplace, in schools, stores and restaurants; at the polls, and even in their own homes and neighborhoods. Dialogue is only meaningful if enough people, especially those in power, listen, take action and commit to change.

One year ago today, George Floyd died after stopping at a corner store. That is unacceptable and we refuse to remain silent about it. Please, no more sacrifices for basic human/civil/social rights.

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