My First Class

“It’s bigger than hockey.”

Adam has said those words several times about the friendships that have formed on the ice over the last six years. Skating hard together and putting in the work to improve, we’ve all become better hockey players. In fact, Bailey, Adam & Ryan became D1 college hockey players.

We took this photo two years ago. Off the ice, I’ve supported all three through college transfers, and helped one transition to a plant-based diet and another go dairy free.

I was super proud to see Adam and Ryan graduate last month while Bailey has one more year of college hockey eligibility. I hate that their experience as elite college athletes was cut short by the pandemic.

This special trio shall be referred to as my first class. Now that we are working with UCLA Ice Hockey, I’m looking forward to watching and serving a new group of student athletes as they grow, develop and mature over the years. And it works both ways. These three have had more impact on me than they know, which is exactly why Adam’s words are so wise.

“It’s bigger than hockey.”

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