Midyear Motivation

At halftime (or between periods), good coaches and players reevaluate their game plan, take a look at what’s working and reformulate plans for what’s not. Halftime is time to refresh, refocus and make the necessary adjustments for the second half.

Over the extended holiday weekend, hopefully you’ve made time for introspection at the midyear mark. If not, do it today. What is working for you in the plans you laid out for 2021? What isn’t and needs to change?

Recognize and celebrate the progress you’ve made and recommit yourself to the actions needed to make forward progress over the next six months.

Don’t be discouraged by any “failures” or disappointments. If you’ve veered off course, commit to the specific things you’re going to do to get back on track. You’ve got the entire second half to accomplish your goals. Let’s go!

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