K’Andre Miller

Imagine working your entire life to be that one-in-a-million hockey player to earn an NHL contract. Imagine the years of enduring racial epithets, targeting, cheap shots, taunting and other abuses along the way.

Imagine the pride and joy of signing with the New York Rangers and being introduced to the fans in America’s largest city via an online media event. Imagine the heartbreak of that joyous occasion being ruined because of the color of your skin. Imagine being called the N word by the very fans you’re going to be playing for.

Meet K’Andre Miller. Hatred stole his moment. This 20-year-old showed tremendous grace when these events transpired in April. Thinking that people, especially New Yorkers, were going through so much at the time because of the virus and financial crises, he remained silent. I shouldn’t have stayed silent after reading about it. So I’m telling this gifted athlete’s story now.

There is no place for racism and ignorance in the NHL, in hockey, in sports, in this country (including the White House) or anywhere in this world. And if privileged white people like me see or hear something racist, it’s up to us to say (and do) something. This is how together, change will take place. Staying silent is no longer acceptable.

Staying silent makes you complicit and part of the problem.

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