“It’s Not Fair!”

“It’s not fair!” Anyone who grew up with siblings or had kids has heard those words said in protest to perceived unequal treatment. On Wednesday, we literally saw what unequal treatment among Americans looks like during yet another ugly display of systemic racism.

When Black Americans took to the streets last summer to protest peacefully (without any long guns) in response to the murders of Black Americans and unequal justice, a huge police force, the US military and even an unmarked “secret police” were deployed, responding to the peaceful assemblies with violence, tear gas, batons, rubber bullets and arrests.

When a violent, rioting white crowd of “protestors” (anarchists) stormed the US Capitol in an attempted coup, egged on by their anti-democratic leader (aka the gaslighting one-term President who has the blood of American deaths on his hands), that resulted in five deaths, including a police officer, there was an anemic response from law enforcement.

It’s not fair. It’s never been fair in America for anyone who isn’t white (privileged). This has been true long before the Racist in Chief took office and now that he’s been voted out of power, I pray that the incoming administration, including our first female VP, a Black and South Asian woman, will stir up plenty of “good trouble.”

When it comes to equality and justice in America, we need radical change just to get into the ballpark of fairness. Averting your eyes can no longer be an option in the USA.

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