“Humanewashing” in Your Kitchen

Today’s word of the day: Humanewashing. When you read or hear “humane,” “free range,” “cage free,” “grass fed,” “pasture-raised,” “wild caught” or certifications cited like “animal welfare certified” used in regards to your favorite animal products, it’s just bullshit marketing designed to deceive and hide the brutal cruelty, horrific suffering and premature deaths involved with producing meat, egg and dairy products as well as clothing such as wool.

You see humanewashing every day in ads and social media and on labels and packaging despite the fact that these terms still allow for inhumane practices including long-term confinement, filthy living conditions, virtually no medical care, forced breeding, no outdoor access, electric prods, cutting or burning off horns without pain relief, and stealing newborn calves from their mothers. Don’t eat (or wear) deceit.

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