Horse Racing Plagued by Abusive “Milkshaking”

“Milkshaking” makes us sick yet it’s not for human consumption. It is a process in which large amounts of soda bicarbonate, water, sugar and electrolytes are poured through a tube into the stomach of race horses to enhance performance. It’s illegal and it’s cheating, but more importantly, it’s uncomfortable, dangerous and unethical.

We learned about milkshaking (also known as tubing) when reading about the latest suspension given to two-time Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Doug O’Neill. This handsomely-rewarded trainer (animal abuser) has had multiple suspensions throughout his “accomplished” career for feeding race horses with painkillers, anti-anxiety sedatives and milkshaking for performance enhancing purposes. Why is he still allowed near horses let alone to train (abuse) them? Why is this cruel “sport” still legal?

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