Giving Tuesday’s

It’s a story of transformation, an international gathering of athletes and doing twice the good. Late August 2018, I was invited to the world’s first Dairy-Free Athlete Summit held by Switch4Good. In the room were more than 80 professional and Olympic athletes from all over the world representing virtually every sport. We spent the weekend listening to informative talks from renowned doctors, dietitians and activists educating us about the harm consuming dairy products does to our health and athletic performance, to the planet and to the animals, and training us how to communicate this vital message.

I was not only one of the lone amateur athletes at the Summit, but I was an over 50-year-old hockey player. However, the influencers suggested that the way I eat, train and compete at my age may inspire others to switch their diet and live a more vibrant and energetic life. So, instead of being a passive plant-based and dairy-free athlete, I transformed and rebranded my social media content, started using the #veganhockeyplayer hashtag, began writing a column that is published on several vegan websites, and became an activist speaking for the voiceless.

It all began one late summer weekend at Switch4Good after an invite from one of my nearest and dearest, Dotsie Bausch. It’s always a good day to give, but on Giving Tuesday, you have the rare opportunity to do twice the good. Donate to Switch4Good today and Miyoko’s Creamery will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $20,000. You never know how many lives will change and be saved when YOU Switch4Good.

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